Month: October 2015

How to become an outstanding writerHow to become an outstanding writer

This is a guest article by Nancy Lin. If you want to submit a guest article of your own be sure to read the guest article guidelines.

An outstanding writer strives to become a perfectionist and never settles for second best. For top writers, every paragraph, whether it’s part of a novel, a short story, a shorter literary piece or even a poem, must be perfect.

It’s not just the best use of grammar and vocabulary that a writer needs to pursue but it’s how the text unites to create a unique flow of words that captivates the reader.  Once the writer has achieved an individual style it will become easily recognisable by the writer’s followers.


Demolish your writer’s blockDemolish your writer’s block

This is a guest article by Edwin Henry. If you want to submit a guest article of your own be sure to read the guest article guidelines.

A lot of people want a magic bullet to either motivate them to start writing for the first time, or a method to get around a mental block. Writers’ Treasure has talked about this before, with Idrees relating his solutions for shaking off stagnation and mixing things up.

There is a romantic idea that inspiration is something that strikes you, and after that light goes off, you’ll dive into your magnum opus and come out the other side with a complete work. The reality is, writing takes work, and if you’re blocked, it feels like that work is impossible to follow through with.

That paralysis can really jam up your creative track and make you struggle to get even a couple of words out onto a page. Especially if you have an inkling of what you want to talk about, but feel kind of stuck on how to achieve it.

Here are the things that have and continue to help me. Some of them are based on when I first started writing, when blocks are powerful things because self-doubt is hard to counter because you may be lacking evidence to dissolve it.