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100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid: A Review100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid: A Review

100 Writing Mistakes to AvoidHi everyone, you just came here to see the first ever review on Writers’ Treasure. Are you aware of Daily Writing Tips? I had a guest post featured on there, and they recently launched an eBook: 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid written by Maeve Maddox, the Editor-in-Chief. Now, in my opinion, anything that’s written by her is bound to be great and worth its price. But still I was sceptical, because I thought I knew all the common spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes of English. I turned out to be wrong.

Now, having read it, I’m as impressed as can be. It was a quick read, 45 pages long, and time flew when I was reading it, because I was so engrossed.

In short, the book was amazing.