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Even if editing and proofreading both are covered, something still is left. Something which prevents your writing work from attaining brilliance. Something which has to be seen to as an important task. That something is critiquing, and no serious writer will ever miss the critiquing step in the writing process.

But getting a critique is hard. Getting an honest, objective, unbiased critique is even harder. Finally, getting such a critique at an affordable price is the hardest thing to do still.

We’ve got all three things covered, though.

What I offer

Be warned: I’m thorough. I don’t miss an apostrophe. I dislike the misspelling of common words. I like to make writing better by eliminating these common mistakes, and hundreds of others. So when I critique your work, it will be a professional critique. An objective, thorough, unbiased and honest critique.

You’ll get the whole stuff: a critique about every aspect of your writing; proofreading and editing; a detailed report informing you of what I think works in your work (and also what doesn’t work). Again, I’m flexible: if I make some changes and you don’t like them, you’re free to reject them or compromise and work out a better solution. I’ll offer you suggestions about things which will make your work better, and I’ll suggest to remove the things which are unsuitable.

If your writing has got plot or conflict problems (creative writers) or your technical writing is in need of credibility or optimum mix of reason and emotion (technical writers) then I’ll offer you recommendations to eradicate these problems.

More features of critiquing:

  • Complete check of cohesiveness, tone, consistency
  • Readability check
  • Writing strengths and weaknesses noted, notes of writing skills given
  • External links given to learn more about various topics


General prices start from $40 per document. Prices will rise depending on the length of the writing work. Contact me to get in touch about quotes and writing projects.

Get started

Want to get started? Then simply contact me and make sure to mention your work (even for a quote). We’ll work on from there.

My other services include editing and proofreading as well as creating a website in a quick-and-easy manner.

Thanks for reading!

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