Want to edit an essay, but don’t know how to?

Proofread a novel. Make structural changes in an article. Edit a short story to remove some points, but ensure that nothing important is removed. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing voice, figures of speech…

All these are tough things to do for any beginner writer.

People say you can get by without having to worry about what to do after having drafted your piece. You can forget about editing and proofreading, about critiquing and fine polishing, because these things aren’t needed anymore.

Is that so, though? No, it’s not true. Editing — for structural changes, for tone, for voice, for big topic changes — is important. So is proofreading for the nuts-and-bolts of writing: grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as typing mistakes and regional language differences.

Then, we have critiquing: your writing, no matter how good it is, practically begs for a critique. Don’t want one? Tell that to the authors. Did they get by without someone checking their work thoroughly? It’s unthinkable.

Finally, is it possible for creative, web and technical writers to get by without having a website or blog of their own? I think you know the answer to that question.

Without these things, your writing won’t go far. You don’t want it to have brilliant potential, you want it to be brilliant.

So what’s the solution? Do everything by yourself? That is an inefficient way of doing things. You will never get the feedback from another person.

For creating a website, it’s about time. Productivity is all about time. You want to write what you love, not waste time having to worry about hosting or site customization.

That’s what writing services are for. That’s what I’m offering here at Writers’ Treasure, editing, proofreading, critiquing and creating a website services for writers to make their work stand out. To make their work soar above the rest.

Let’s go in-depth about all these services…

Content writing services

Now, this service isn’t a typical content writing service. The process for using this service is: you mention the topic of the content. If it’s approved, then we can get down to details. If your topic isn’t approved, then you can try for the other services. (Like coaching for writers, which is a yet-to-be-launched service).

What if the topic is approved? Then you’ll get the whole stuff: the content which you hired me for, plus the knowledge about how it was written and how you can use those tips for your own writing. The benefit of this service is not to provide content at a price. It’s to provide satisfaction and proper learning of the subject.

Rates depend on the type of the project, the total time needed and the skills required. Want to know more, or maybe you would like to request a quote? Contact me via this form.

Editing and proofreading services

Editing: If you want editing services for flow, voice, structure and transitions, then look no further. I’ve been doing editing for one thing and another for five years, I know about the subject. I provide editing services so that your work is transformed from rough wood into polished furniture.

Proofreading: The nuts-and-bolts of writing. The mechanical form. It sounds hard and confusing, but it’s not. Especially not if you work me. After I’m done, your work will have nothing to fear from grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Learn more about editing and proofreading services.

Critiquing services

Even if editing and proofreading both are covered, something still is left. Something which prevents your writing work from attaining brilliance. Something which has to be seen to as an important task. That something is critiquing, and no serious writer will ever miss the critiquing step in the writing process.

Critiquing means an honest review of  your work, commenting about every aspect, every possible improvement, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. When I critique your work, it will be professional, honest and unbiased. Everything that a critique should be. Everything that makes a critique important.

Learn more about critiquing services

Create a good looking website quickly

Writers need to have websites. That’s a fact. But how to create these websites? They’re easy to create, but time-consuming. You would much rather write a short story than set up a website. What’s more, you don’t have to waste your time. Leave it to me. Get your WordPress website or blog done under two weeks — and in extremely affordable rates.

Learn more about services to create a website.

Why hire me?

You want to hire me because:

  • You’ll get fast service. Don’t underestimate the importance of this. I won’t waste your valuable time. The services will be done as fast as they can be – but no sooner. Speed is important, but more so is quality, and by hiring me, you’ll achieve both.
  • Easy payments and affordable rates. I accept payments by PayPal. Also, my rates are affordable. Double win.
  • Learn new skills and improve your writing. You’ll get the chance to learn new writing skills like persistence, which writing aspect should you concentrate on, whether you should write every day or not, and other improvements.

Contact me to start, and be on your way to fast tracking your success.

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