Editing and proofreading services

The one stop shop for editing and proofreading services, provided in a flexible and professional manner.

Editing services

If you want editing services for flow, voice, structure and transitions, then look no further. I’ve been doing editing for one thing and another for five years, I know about the subject. This is what I’ll provide if you hire me for editing your work:

  • Edit for logical structure of your piece: one of the most important factors
  • Check for integrity and consistency of your writing voice
  • Sentence structure, paragraphs, transitions, writing flow
  • Proofreading (see below) — thorough check of grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Detailed comments informing you of all probable errors and inconsistencies
  • Edit for the big picture of your work to emerge as a cohesive one


General rates tend to start from $20 per document. What about huge documents such as full-length manuscripts etc? Contact me to get quotes.

Proofreading services

So you think you’ve got the editing covered. That’s great. But no matter how good your editing is, can you make the same assumption of your proofreading? There is a well-known saying that one pair of eyes is not enough for complete proofreading. You might check for typos, and you might catch all the typos. But did you catch that apostrophe mistake right there? It’s difficult to be exact regarding this. That’s where professional proofreading comes in.

Proofreading is nothing but the thorough check of what we might call the nuts-and-bolts of writing. The mechanical nature of writing, which consists of grammar, spelling and punctuation. That’s what I’ll do when you hire me:

  • Check for grammatical errors, including but not limited to, the parts and figures of speech, the formation of sentences: simple, compound and complex, fragments and where to use them, the use of adjectives and adverbs vs. strong verbs, tenses, types of clauses, degrees etc.
  • Spelling mistakes (including contextual spelling errors)
  • Punctuation errors (the misuse of the apostrophe, comma, semicolon, the double quotes etc)


General rates start from $15 per document, although prices will be higher if your work is big (such as a manuscript). Contact me to get quotes about full-length documents.

Step by step process

It’s easy — you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to submit your work in Microsoft Word format, and leave the rest to me. Whether your work is a short story, an academic essay, a statement of purpose, a report, etc I can handle it. I’ll make a note about every required and optional change, mark it up thoroughly, and send the document back.

You’ll receive the document complete with all the marked changes. Some changes will be important, and I’ll mark them as such. But some will be optional — dependent on the topic of the work — and those you’ll have the freedom to accept or reject. It will be up to you. If there’s something about the changes you don’t like, you can contact me and we’ll work out a solution. Flexibility is the key.

Get started

All you need to do to get started is to contact me. Get a quote. Then mention and send your writing work, and we’ll get down to details.

Want different services? Be sure to check my critiquing and get-a-website services.

Thanks for reading!


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