Writing compelling opening chapters in fiction

Writing a compelling opening chapter is the first important task you have to do when you start writing a story. The chapter, as we all know, is very important. Editors judge books upon it. If the opening chapter fails to hook them, the manuscript isn’t published. You receive a rejection letter.

But we, the aspiring writers, don’t want that. We all want our stories to be published. So we all want to write a compelling opening chapter that will make the editors believe it’s magic. The question is: how?

You can learn how to achieve that. We – the aspiring writers – will learn how to achieve that.

This five-part article tutorial gives the game away about writing the first chapter in such a way that the reader can’t put it down. Read, apply your imagination and use the information, and your novel will improve.

Learn how to write compelling opening chapters

  1. Why You Should Write a Compelling Opening Chapter
  2. The Best Way of Writing a Compelling Opening Chapter
  3. What Should Be Told and Shown in the Opening Chapter?
  4. Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Compelling Opening Chapter
  5. Compelling Opening Chapters Written – Then What?

Now what?

If you want to know more about creative writing as a whole, then read our tutorial Creative Writing 101. This eight-part tutorial makes all things clear (and then some) about creative writing. More posts about fiction writing, creative non-fiction writing, editing and proof reading, grammar and style, etc., will follow.

I’ve also written another section of articles for those of you who have mastered the basics, but want to improve your writing quite a bit more, i.e., make it more magnetic, more irresistible and more awesome. For that, visit the Writing Tips section.


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