Day: October 11, 2023

How to improve productivity and workflows for freelance writersHow to improve productivity and workflows for freelance writers

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Writing professionally is all about maximizing your efficiency while retaining a high level of quality. You can’t afford to spend days fiddling with the same paragraph and need to make the most of every minute at the keyboard. Maximize your productivity as a writer by focusing on improvements to your workflow. Even subtle improvements, like automating your spell-checking, can save you hours of work every week.

Completing your work quickly doesn’t just improve your hourly rate — it also frees up time for professional development. This is particularly important if you want to appeal to high-end clients who are looking for a talented wordsmith to brainstorm blog posts and produce well-researched, refined articles.

Let’s take a look at how, as a freelance writer, you can improve your productivity by incorporating tech-based workflows: