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Writing and Creating New Worlds

Do you know that feeling when you’ve created a brand new world? Of your very own? It happens to me, sometimes. I’m a hobby writer, and am currently writing a children’s/YA novel (more information on that soon). Well, it isn’t much fun to write books about home and school. At least, not for me! Heck, we already experience such life. We want to escape from school, not have it shoved down our throats! And real-life stories are so boring, anyway….

As a result, the genre Fantasy was born.

What happened in it?

Writers started creating their new worlds. Okay, new “worlds” may be too much — maybe new things? No, that’s not true either. Everything they take is from our own very real world/earth or whatever. But they modify it. Make the boring stuff hooking. Yeah, that sort of thing. Sounds silly, but writers with the gift of fantasy write such compelling stories that it’s hard to put them down.

They add a lot of stuff which if truth be told best belong in dreams. Or legends. Yes, it sounds idiotic as I write this description — maybe I should learn to style words properly before writing a novel! 🙄 Anyway, the Summary is that while written badly fantasy can be bad, idiotic, whatever, but good fantasy is a thing to desire. There are few stories like that; long may they be around!

Anyway, the point of this post is creating new — ahem, “worlds.” You know when you are told that ’stop dreaming’ and ‘this is reality’; how annoying these sentences are! Well, the very point of creating is to wipe them all out — all, everything!

And make dreams reality. Throw in some thrilling stuff such as World War III (ahem again), air raids, people fighting, nuclear bombs, dawn of new eras, kings, assasination, old fashion, new fashion, technology and mix them all into a cracking story! The reader will want to close the book but he’ll find he can’t. He’s trembling: he can’t wait to hear what happens! He’ll forget all about his worries for a while. That is the advantage of writing escapist fiction: a whole new bright but dark as well world where boring stuff such as homework is not heard of! And you’ll hear the words “That was brilliant”; the magic of it. Can we all do that? Of course! We all have good content. All we need is to have good craft. (Visit AdvancedFictionWriting.com; I get a lot of ideas from there). Then the magical moment: being published!

So creating new worlds is very exciting for me at least. What particular world did I make, I hear you ask? Can’t tell you yet, since it may turn out to be all horrible. I’ll have to check its holes. I’m looking forward to writing the end of the novel. And of course, telling you at all about it. 🙂

What’s Your Say On This Topic?

I’m interested to hear what you think. So please comment!

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