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7 tips on how to write content that will attract the audience

This is a guest article by Bria Pierce. If you want to submit a guest article of your own, be sure to read the guest article guidelines.

Content is important for SEO and it is the single best way to attract the attention of customers and keep them engaged. But how are you supposed to create fresh and interesting content when there is so much work to do?

In the constantly changing world, creating quality content is not as easy as you may think. But as challenging as writing content is, it is possible to develop some interesting blog posts, social media posts, videos, and infographics that interest your target audience and drive more traffic.

In fact, you don’t have to be a renowned expert in your field to create good content.

While word count remains a secondary part when creating valuable content, there are a few tricks that will help you create killer content that will rock your audience.

  • Stop writing to impress

When you are trying to talk to your audience, what sort of words do you use? Are you the type that tries to impress with academic jargon? Or do you use complicated words to drive the point home?

If you want your visitors to keep coming back to your website, try to write in a conversational way and make your content more specific. A conversational tone will make the readers feel like you are addressing them in person. Write to engage and help.

  • Ask questions to engage the audience

If you don’t ask questions in your writing, it’s time to start. For instance, research has shown that asking questions in tweets can boost your influence and get more than doubt the clicks.

A question makes the reader think and when they agree with what you are saying, it’s a sign that your question is more persuasive.

  • Share Insights in your field

Creative leader shares unique perspective on things that affect their business. Look for areas where you can share insights with your readers. A brief explanation of tips and tricks on a certain topic will establish your brand as a person worth listening to. Furthermore, your audience wants to know what you think about a certain topic.

  • Write reviews

As a leader, you are most likely aware of the best apps, services, and resources that can help you and your audience grow a business. Write a short review (about 500 words or more) and share your findings with your audience. This review allows you to share some tips, benefits, advice, weakness, and recommendations.

Once in a while, shoot a quick video review and share them on other sites such as Amazon where there is a wider audience.

  • Share topics related to your content

If your audience doesn’t find a good reason to share your content, definitely it will hang around your site for a long time. But, you can create content that adds value to the reader’s life and content that compel them to act, whether to seek more information on your website or share them with their friends.

Once you create content that lines up with the values of the audience, or one that offers some guideline on how to do something with little effort, time, or money, they will feel comfortable sharing your content.

  • Post video interviews

Video sharing is considered the fastest growing trend, especially in content sharing. But finding the right content for the video can be a bit of a struggle. Interviews are the fast and easiest way of getting the information you want out there. A small clip of someone sharing their thoughts on a certain topic can attract a huge audience.

If an interview is hard to do, go for a traditional written interview like those in magazines where you run a series of questions to ask every person and publish their answers. Readers will always be eager to know the answer and gain some insights from the leaders.

  • Use short sentences

In most cases, long sentences are boring to read since the reader may lose track in the course of reading. Further, they may fail to understand the point you want to communicate.

To make the content more readable and interesting, chop up the long sentences to short ones. Also, write with clarity, and ensure the content is persuasive.


Finding great ideas to write good content that compels the reader to share doesn’t have to earn you sleepless nights. None of these ideas will force anyone to do what they don’t want. In fact, the desired action has to come from the reader’s best interest but you have to do your part too. These tips will make the process easier.

About the Author:

Bria Pierce is freelance writer with a keep passion in traveling and personal development. She believes in the power of motivation as well as hard work as keys to success. Bria cannot imagine her life without writing so it’s her occupation, her hobby and her way of living. Visit her website https://123writings.com/  and follow her on twitter.


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