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Change of Post Frequency

Hi guys, this is not so much of a writing tip post as much of a general update. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :-))

My posting schedule for the past has been… well not a schedule. I used to post just when I felt like it, and for the entire last week, no posts were published because I was ill with cold. Yeah, great.

Now, I am changing my post frequency. You guys can expect a new post every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday is the day where I will post a “killer article” (term by Daniel Scocco), i.e, a really long, structured and information packed article, usually above the word count of 700 words. On Wednesday and Friday I will post normal posts (news, quick tips, endorsements, debates, etc).

I will also be starting a biweekly newsletter for Writers’ Treasure. Now, I’ve subscribed to too many crap newsletters so that I know what you people don’t like, and I’ll try not to do that. You can expect a free eBook on novel writing (available only as opt-in gift), some more content rich messages (kind of a continuation of that) and a regular newsletter which will be emailed once in every two weeks on Sunday. So far, this process should take about a month and a half to complete and then you will be able to sign up for it. So stay tuned!

Wondering when I’ll next post an article? Don’t worry — it won’t be delayed or something, it will be posted on Wednesday. I’ve got some really great articles on short stories to entertain and inform you, so you just have to wait. See you on Wednesday.

In the meantime, you may want to read the Writing Tips series of articles.

Thanks for reading,

Idrees Patel

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Welcome to Writers’ TreasureWelcome to Writers’ Treasure

Hello there, and welcome to Writers’ Treasure. Writers’ Treasure is a blog for creative writing tips and techniques. Tomorrow the series Creative Writing 101 will be started. It is:

  • A beginner’s guide to creative writing
  • This blog’s flagship or cornerstone content
  • A series on how to get better writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, etc.

Hope you’ll be along for the ride. In the meantime, head here to know more about me, Idrees Patel, a 13 year old blogger.

Update 2013: It sure has been a great ride! I’ve had a lot of fun writing articles, series and more. Make sure you visit Creative Writing 101 and Writing Tips: How to Write Better. The Archives are full of gems. And the homepage contains the most recent, fresh articles. Stay tuned for more truly awesome stuff.

I am changing my domain nameI am changing my domain name

…and the focus of this blog. Previously it was just a fiction writing blog, with web talk and general natter added. Now I have expanded it to a creative writing tips and techniques blog. Conscise writing, grammar and style, technical writing etc will also be discussed here.

Previously the domain name of this blog was schoolboyauthor.wordpress.com. Now I have imported all of its posts here (with a few exceptions) and deleted that blog. The new domain shall be WritersTreasure.com. I have decided to use self-hosted WordPress.org blogging software. I will also change the design, because the previous one wasn’t at all satisfactory.

Hopefully, this will all be for the better, and this blog will get more traffic than the old one ever did (because I didn’t do any marketing even though my content was very strong – this debunks the myth ‘build it and they will come.’)

Stay tuned for more posts, and the start of the series, Creative Writing 101. In the meantime, you can visit the Writing Compelling Opening Chapters in Fiction series. Even though that was written five months ago, it still contains some very evergreen information.

A Schoolboy AuthorA Schoolboy Author

Hello, all. Let me first introduce myself. I am Idrees from the city Mumbai in India. My interests are—if you have not seen them already—are mostly reading and writing. I have read more than a hundred of books and this is my second oldest hobby, as I was reading short Indian tales when I was 5. As I say in my profile, I’m a great lover of reading! Without a book, I’m hopelessly lost. I’m bored! Play? What a boring thing to do. Watch television? No good programmes are showed these days. Sit on the computer? I’ll hamper my eyesight. Then what on earth to do?! Read, what else? The greatest hobby ever.

It is because of my interest in reading that I have become inspired to write my own book. My very own. A bestseller (okay, I appreciate the hardships). Famous and in print. Is it impossible to do that? Well, no. But is it difficult to write a novel, however easy it may seem at first? Oh yes! A month before I just started writing my first ‘real’ novel (I choose the word ‘real’ because all of my other attempts were just in fun). I am now currently up to the fifth chapter with 15000 words. While I know it is very difficult, I get a lot of fun from it. Well, isn’t this why we all become a writer?!

Got to go now, homework!

PS — expect more posts in the next few days.