Writers' Treasure Site News Writers’ Treasure Redesign: Minimalist, Responsive, Better Typography

Writers’ Treasure Redesign: Minimalist, Responsive, Better Typography

After nearly a year of waiting, the new Writers’ Treasure design is here. Yup, it’s finally here. After last redesigning this blog way back in December 2010, I started work on this design a year ago, but was forced to put it on hold for my exams (see last article). But now, it’s here. And it looks better than ever, don’t you think?

The key features of this redesign are:

    • Minimalist. Over the last year or so, web design trends have rapidly evolved. From clutter and the mess that were three-column designs came minimalism and two-column designs. There’s something so soothing about cream backgrounds and simple two columns… much better than the three-column mess the old design used to be (and not to mention that the new cream background looks so much better than the old oh-so-garish dark blue background). This is a writer’s blog, and now, it really looks like it.

  • Responsive. Responsive design. What a buzz word! The days of feature-drained, mobile sites are over. Ever since the technology could be used by a layman, most of the websites have now converted their designs to this new method. The promise is futuristic. Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Smartphone. Want to see responsive design in action? I’ve now increased the base width of this website to 1140px (before it used to be 940px) but if you still have an old 1024×768 monitor, you can still view all the content without having to scroll left and right. Same goes for tablets. And if you’re on a smartphone, no need to pinch zoom or click the desktop site button (mobile sites are painful to navigate). This is the future of web design.

And Writers’ Treasure is now fully responsive. Everything scales to every resolution (down to lowly HVGA on low-power smartphones to HD screens on the latest smartphones) and scales well. Check it out on various devices and send your feedback!

The last major feature of this redesign is…

  • Typography. From the beginning, when I first started this blog, I had an interest in typography. Writers’ Treasure now uses Google Fonts like Open Sans for the content, Open Sans Condensed for the headings and Volkorn for the title. On top of that, things such as line height have been subtly altered for your better reading. The result? A design that makes text look great.

There are still a few finishing touches left for this redesign (e.g. a new subscribe box) etc. But the majority has been done, and I’d say it looks pretty fantastic. What do you say?

What about new content?

Stay tuned for new articles, and more. What do I mean by more? Well, I have tentative ideas to start a mailing list, write an eBook, possibly make a video about software and web writing, and etc. etc. This is going to be exciting. Very exciting.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the new action, you’d better check if you’re not subscribed for free updates already.

2 thoughts on “Writers’ Treasure Redesign: Minimalist, Responsive, Better Typography”

  1. Hi Idrees

    I’ve just found your blog through a link on WritingForward.com and it makes for very interesting reading. I’m really quite impressed that one so young (I’m 58 years young) is writing high quality posts with a lot of interesting and useful content.

    I shall be saving you to my favourites to come back and read more.

    I would totally agree with you about the look of your website. These days there is so much clutter from columns, adverts, highly-coloured designs and such that it takes away what the website is about. I love the simplicity of your site and it makes it very readable.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for such a nice comment, Chris! Glad to hear that you like the new site design. I’m really awed to hear that I write “high quality posts with a lot of interesting and useful comment”. Thanks again, and keep commenting!

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Writers’ Treasure is ON!Writers’ Treasure is ON!

Command prompt: switch https://www.writerstreasure.com – on
Command successful. Writers’ Treasure is now online.

And here I am. Since June of 2011, in some cases even earlier, I have been studying for my SSC exams. It’s been a long while. Study, study and study. It’s been boring, lengthy, and above all, exhausting.

As you can imagine, so much study didn’t leave any time for writing. So I didn’t get to write any new blog articles in those months, and I was also forced to put my novel back on hold for another year (it’s been in development for right about three years).

Still, whenever I got free time, I wrote. That happened in September and December, when I wrote How to Master Clarity in Writing and How to Write an Essay — Part I respectively. Then January came and my study time increased feverishly. Suddenly in vain I tried to look for free time and when it came, for hours only, I was too tired to write. My writing didn’t have strength. So I did the only thing that was to be done… I put Writers’ Treasure on hold for a few months until the SSC examinations would end (which would be held in March).

The great thing is that even though I stopped writing, Writers’ Treasure still received two new articles from guests. I was proud to publish the two brilliant guest posts and you can read them from the homepage or the archives.

And then March came and my SSC exams started. March passed in a bit of a blur. I had to write my papers for twenty and a half hours combined. But that’s all over now. What had to happen happened: my exams finished on March 28, 2012.

That leaves us to…. holidays. Yes, you read it right. I finally have free time to myself, and that means Writers’ Treasure is now on. Or on. Or ON. The capitals are just for emphasis, but I’m not sorry for them.

So what does that leave in store for you all? A lot of things. Let’s look them over one by one:


Welcome to Writers’ TreasureWelcome to Writers’ Treasure

Hello there, and welcome to Writers’ Treasure. Writers’ Treasure is a blog for creative writing tips and techniques. Tomorrow the series Creative Writing 101 will be started. It is:

  • A beginner’s guide to creative writing
  • This blog’s flagship or cornerstone content
  • A series on how to get better writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, etc.

Hope you’ll be along for the ride. In the meantime, head here to know more about me, Idrees Patel, a 13 year old blogger.

Update 2013: It sure has been a great ride! I’ve had a lot of fun writing articles, series and more. Make sure you visit Creative Writing 101 and Writing Tips: How to Write Better. The Archives are full of gems. And the homepage contains the most recent, fresh articles. Stay tuned for more truly awesome stuff.