Writers' Treasure Site News What Do You Think of the New Logo?

What Do You Think of the New Logo?

Logos have never been my strong point in design. But they help in branding, so I made a logo a month ago for this blog. However, the old one’s colours didn’t match perfectly with the website colour scheme, so I thought “well, I’ll make a completely different one.” So I recently made a new logo which replaced the old simplistic one.

This one stands out a little more. If you’re reading this via email or a feed reader, go to WritersTreasure.com to view the new logo.

What do you think of it? Is it better? Or is it worse? Please comment with your likes, dislikes, suggestions and more.

I personally love the new logo (I made it myself). But if the majority of you don’t like it, it can always be changed.

One more thing: my contact form has been broken for weeks. Sorry.

What happened was this: Originally I was using Contact Form 7 as the plugin to generate the form. I was getting some spam and I had this idea of using a new form which had Captcha in it. After searching, I found the RECaptcha form. It wasn’t as good as Contact Form 7, but it did have a Captcha field. I thought it was okay.

But the spam didn’t stop. The captcha was unreadable. Terrible user experience.

Today, after weeks, I somehow knew something was not quite right. I tested the form. My suspicions were proved. It didn’t work.

Really! I’ve no idea how much I’ve missed, but please, if anyone of you sent me an email and did not receive a reply and are still reading, please accept my apologies. I’ve since switched back to Contact Form 7, which works very well (and I don’t want any Captcha now, I’ll use other measures later if I find them), and also I’ve given my email address for those want to email me directly, IF the form doesn’t seem to work. If that happens, or if you just like emailing directly, my email address is idrees [at] writerstreasure [dot] com.

So if you’ve got any suggestions, criticism or praise about this website or you want to chat with me, fill this form to email me.

Update: I think I might have just found the perfect solution, the Really Simple Captcha Plugin for Contact Form 7. It uses a much better (in my opinion, and much more readable) Captcha. And the best thing is that I don’t need to change my form. So come on, check it out.

Update: – The design of the website has now been changed. The logo which was there previously is still there, only the colours have been changed. Have a look around and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

Newest update: Design refreshed, theme changed and a brand new logo (this one will stay for a long time, I promise). Real branding is achieved now, and if you want to give feedback, you’ll want to head over to WritersTreasure.com to see the changes!

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…and the focus of this blog. Previously it was just a fiction writing blog, with web talk and general natter added. Now I have expanded it to a creative writing tips and techniques blog. Conscise writing, grammar and style, technical writing etc will also be discussed here.

Previously the domain name of this blog was schoolboyauthor.wordpress.com. Now I have imported all of its posts here (with a few exceptions) and deleted that blog. The new domain shall be WritersTreasure.com. I have decided to use self-hosted WordPress.org blogging software. I will also change the design, because the previous one wasn’t at all satisfactory.

Hopefully, this will all be for the better, and this blog will get more traffic than the old one ever did (because I didn’t do any marketing even though my content was very strong – this debunks the myth ‘build it and they will come.’)

Stay tuned for more posts, and the start of the series, Creative Writing 101. In the meantime, you can visit the Writing Compelling Opening Chapters in Fiction series. Even though that was written five months ago, it still contains some very evergreen information.

Writers’ Treasure is BackWriters’ Treasure is Back

After two and a half months of non-existence, Writers’ Treasure is now well and truly back. In fact, it will be stronger than it was previously, so you can now expect to see at least one post weekly (and sometimes even two).

The reason for no posts? Well, there wasn’t just one, there were many. First came the school exams, second came vacation (holidays), and third came a cough, cold and fever that happened thrice. Ouch.

But explanations are tiny, aggravating things, not to be bothered about (*as I’m sure you’ll agree*). What matters most is that Writers’ Treasure is now once more The Definitive Guide to Creative Writing Success, not a blog which is dead.


Check out our writing servicesCheck out our writing services

Many tasks are difficult for writers.

As in, even many parts of the entire writing process are difficult. In fact, nothing is easy in writing. Not even the pros find it easy. All they do is make it look easy, but ask them whether they found it difficult in the beginning and the answer will most certainly be in the affirmative.

Content writing, editing and proofreading, and publishing. All these three tasks sound confusing, but they’re not. Broken down into small chunks, they’re doable. Millions are at least doing it.

Few, though, are doing it the right way.

The reasons for that run in the hundreds. One of the most true come down to time, or more precisely, the lack of it. Who has the time to even write these days, never mind the time to write well, edit and proofread it, and then finally publish it online for others to read.